2 thoughts on “2017!”

  1. I like the idea of cleaning the house and fridge to enter the new year, now that I am married I should start doing that!
    I also have memories similar than yours, cleaning and cooking with my mother, then having the dinner with my family, meditating about the year that ended and talking about our new year’s resolutions, but in this case my father and brother were the ones that preferred to sleep early, so my mom and I used to wait for the new year while watching the New Year’s eve live on tv, it was one of our Mother-daughter moments.


    1. Yes Xana, entering with fresh perspective, clean surroundings & self is a good idea. Since for me, maintaining that everyday is too much, I force myself for important dates. That way it gets imposed on me and my family members easily. It’s like creating your own traditions :p.
      It’s funny how things used to appear differently with parents. Having your own household …Family…Home…, it’s a completely different, responsible kind of role!

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